Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my dream team for world cup 2007

Well as all of us have the freedom of expression and freedom of press, I took this on me to select my 16 members squad for the Cricket WC to be held in West Indies in 2007.

The team goes like this..

1. Sachin Tendulkar (oh boy!!! is there any better player than him in this world, GOD OF CRICKET, I would have placed him even more high on the list, but given to understand that Numero Uno is the only number which is high......... sigh ........... hmmm ........ alas)

2. Virender Sehwag (not withstanding his current form, I would like this "Nawab of Najafarghar" to be partnering "THE GOD" at the top of the order, coz he brings the arrogance to the cultured shots of Cricket, the very fact that it is Viru, bowlers are going to have sleepless nights)

3. Mohammed Kaif (one more on the list of non starters at the moment, but he is the right candidate for No 3 position given the fact that he runs like there is a mad dog chasing him, and is an accumalator of runs and my candidate for Future Captain)

4. Yurvaj Singh (well well, who said spoilt brats dont make it big, here is he, the big bad boy who touches any thing, it will become gold these days)

5. Rahul Dravid (ever since he started playing League Cricket in Bangalore, I have been his biggest fan, for I have seen the rise "WALL" brick by brick, and would be ideal for closing stages of the game)

6. Suresh Raina (this young turk is making waves for all the right reasons and I have been particularly impressed by his sound knowledge of the game, looks little suseptable on the off side, but can be rectified)

7. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (to tell frankly, I had never imagined that one day "Mahi" will make it this big, when I saw first time in a representative cricket during KSCA diamond jubliee in the year 2001, when he played for IA, hmm that's life for you, throws open different doors and you need to take a jump there, oh common I am not philosophical, well getting back to what I want to write, he is a best suited man for finishing stages of the game)

8. Irfan Khan Pathan (can some one tell this bloke that he is no Kapil or Imran or his Idol Wasim, let the guy concentrate on throwing ball at 135kmph consistantly and not to worry about conserving energy to bat, for me he is best suited at No 8 and if need be then can be floated as the need comes)

9. Ajit Balchander Agarkar (well well, lots of my frens will be fainting away to see this name making my dream team list, well folks we have a war to be won, I care a damn if the person is in my good books or not as long as he is able to serve me in my endevor and this guy does it for me as he has the ugly knack of picking wickets and makes you belive that he can bat as well, and I feel he is one of the best out fielders I have seen since Dean Jones and Vivin the King Richards)

10. Harbhajan Singh(he is some one who just keeps bringing lot more every time he comes on to bowl and a character to be in your always)

11. Munaf Musa Patel (who says Indians cannot hurl the cherry at 140+kmph, tell this man the same and he will make you hear chin music, I feel with his raw pace and ability to reverse swing the ball at the speed, he makes ideal choice for my no 11, and folks he has scored few hundreds in junior cricket, so it means he knows how to hold the bat)

12. Sreesanth S (Good team man and a great fighter and has belly for big cricket, he will be in my 16 as a support cast for the seamers)

13. Rudra Prathap Singh (he is a guy who should be persisted for pretty long run as he is a long race horse, more the matches better the player he is, will form my 5 pace attack for WI)

14. Romesh Powar (support cast to "Sardar from Jalandhar", the stocky man has a great memory of hitters and will make sure he gets them next time, "yours truly" being the casulty on 2 occasions when playing for Karnataka Junior Teams, I have seen him closely and formed an opinion that he is our "Javed Miandad" very very street smart cricketer, and a good batsman as well and has the knack of bowling in depth)

15. Venugopal Rao (I know I know, guys would be pouncing on me as I have been a big fan and advocate of Venu for some time now, I have seen him again in Junior Crickets and know his appetite for huge scores and sense of big matches and plays well for it, he will be our Ideal No4/5 batsman for the future, groom him from now on, a worth an invest)

16. Aiyudda Robin Uttappa (my junior in college team, good bat/keeper and also handy bowler, been bumping to him in KSCA league and seen in college matches, pretty much in the mould of Viru, can be a good keeper cast for Mahi, have him in and groom him)