Monday, September 07, 2009

The whys of life….

* Why don’t we feel excited when we learn something new?

* Why don’t we admit in front of colleagues, friends, family that we don’t know something and wish to learn it?

* Why have we stopped asking questions, remember when we were young, we had so many questions to ask, as we grew older and older, we tend to ask fewer and fewer questions. Are we ashamed of being ridiculed or just that we know too much?

* Why don’t we appreciate others for their good and celebrate with them in their joy more often.

* Why don’t we go to friends’ house, without calling beforehand?

* Why do we send text messages to our spouses telling “I LOVE YOU”, when we can say it in as many words.

* Why don’t we appreciate our kids’ low marks as a sign of learning rather than being left out of the competition?

* Why do we wear mask in front of others, when we know that they know it’s a mask (a mask interacting to a mask).